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First Look: Pure Energy for Target

Pure Energy Plus Size Collection for Target

Last night, I reported that Target has a new plus-size collection in the works, Pure Energy, and now we have some new photos of the line. What do you think so far? I'm with reader Joann, who left a comment saying she questions the choice of sheer fabric for a few of these tops. I'm also having trouble with the color palette and those ripped jeans. Of course, we'll reserve further judgment until we can see the whole collection.

P.S. For those of you following this week's new store spotlights, fear not, I'll be posting another not-to-be-missed boutique later today. Please check back!

Pure Energy Plus Size Collection for Target

Pure Energy Plus Size Collection for Target

Pure Energy Plus Size Collection for Target

Pure Energy Plus Size Collection for Target

Pure Energy Plus Size Collection for Target

I have to agree..theyre wrong choices for a curvy figure..and the cut of the trousers in the first two pics are a little weird

the pants in the last pic is probably the best garment piece
#1 Neira on 2009-03-19 07:10 (Reply)
Those are awful for plus sized women! Especially the white bermuda shorts, those just aren't flattering in any way. I am so disappointed!
#2 Cyd on 2009-03-19 07:50 (Reply)
Hmmm not sure what I think! Just like women of any size, you would have to layer something under the sheer I think. I often find myself unknowingly in the plus size section at Target, pulling something to try on off the rack, only to realize it is not in my size. my point is, I think they have some great plus size line already :-)
#3 Real Style Real people (Homepage) on 2009-03-19 07:57 (Reply)
I'm not a plus size diva, but I've seen much nicer stuff at Ashley Stewart and the Plus/Women's department at Macys.
#4 budget chic (Homepage) on 2009-03-19 07:59 (Reply)
reslly? wow.
#5 Crista (Homepage) on 2009-03-19 08:09 (Reply)
I don't really see me liking any of those. Spaghetti strap tops for plus-sizes is a huge "no" for me personally - my bra straps are wider than those.

The last look is the most flattering I think, but even then, that top has the "could possibly be maternity" vibe I so dislike in many plus-sizes.
#6 Kelly O (Homepage) on 2009-03-19 08:37 (Reply)
i totally agree with you..the last outfit is probably the best...i found for curvy women the best top is actually one that is nipped in the waist, rather than something that just makes it look the sheer and flowy tops which gives it a maternity vibe
#6.1 Neira on 2009-03-19 08:43 (Reply)
I agree with you.

I'm a size 12 now, but at my biggest I was a size 18. I know quite a few plus-size people, and I think that those who are plus-size are in agreement that some looks just aren't flattering to people with certain shapes. That's not a bad thing. Every body type has looks that just don't work. Flowy tops do not work well on bigger women because it places a lot of emphasize on the belly and hips. Stacy and Clinton of "What Not to Wear" emphasize this for even the slimmer makeovers they do, so I'd say it certainly applies here. I think this line could benefit from empire-waist tops because with those kinds of tops, emphasize is placed on a small waist, while hiding a bulge. One of the things I struggled with, and still struggle with to a certain extent, is finding nice tops that aren't clingy, but that still give me some kind of shape.

I mean, why place emphasize on problem areas and make yourself look bigger than you actually are?
#6.2 Joann on 2009-03-19 10:03 (Reply)
Oh lord... these are hideous! There is not a single piece in this line that I would put anywhere near my body. And seriously, how many plus-sized ladies are able to go braless? Spaghetti straps, halters, tube tops?!?!? What were they thinking?!?
#7 Caro on 2009-03-19 08:44 (Reply)
What a waste of rack space! The majority of plus size women don't want these kind of looks and if they did they probably already shop at Rainbow and the likes for them. The flowy asymmetrical hemlines on the shirts are so dated. Also, to date, Target has done a good job of offering nice plus size clothing options - its too bad they missed the mark with this collection. I think we will be seeing this stuff at the local Goodwill soon (FYI - Target sells a lot of close-out items to Goodwills once it has been clearanced out and still hasn't sold).
#8 Kimber on 2009-03-19 08:44 (Reply)
i'm gonna go ahead and disagree with the majority of these comments. i can only imagine how many 'don'ts' there are for plus-sized women and i think it's time that they're allowed to wear things that are revealing like tight bermudas and spagetti strap tank tops. why should they always have to don muumuus just because they're heavier than the norm? i think this line celebrates the curves of a bigger girl in a fun and youthful way.
#9 Cupcakes and Cashmere (Homepage) on 2009-03-19 08:53 (Reply)
I agree with many of the comments above (I'm a 16 and don't see myself wearing any of these - the last outfit is very pretty but I don't think I have the arms for it), but I have a feeling Target is going after a younger crowd with this line. There are high school girls of a bigger size who might feel good wearing contemporary clothes like these in their size.

I always think it's interesting to see these outfits on real women. There's a difference between a size 12-18 model who is 5'9" and taller than a size 12-18 person who is 5'3"-5'6" (I'm 5'6" with short legs and I can't pull off many of the very attractive looks I see even in Lane Bryant). Having height helps.
#10 DB on 2009-03-19 10:25 (Reply)
Strapless? Sheer? Floofy handkerchief hems? Many things about this collection make me wary. The colors are bright and it's mostly on-trend. Not my favorite, but not the worst that could be out there.
#11 Alexandra (Homepage) on 2009-03-19 11:04 (Reply)
Huh. I had higher hopes ... not digging really ANY of these pieces. And the plus-sized commenters seem equally disappointed.
#12 Sal (Homepage) on 2009-03-19 11:33 (Reply)
Well I said it before and I'll say it again, flowy tops and requisite pants.

All in all this line is a mix of boring and bad, as so many ladies have said before this is unfortunately what skinny women THINK plus sized women want to wear than what they actually do.

You have to wear a bra as a bigger girl or else your boobs flop about or it's strap-less tops? No. Strapless tops with a wide bottom? It will immediately drap over any bulge only emphasizing what many of us wish to cover. Cut is also very important, the first picture of the model shows how little they paid attention to actually flattering her figure. I have no clue where her hips begin or end and her breasts seem lost in the material.

Finally I'm going to repost part of DB's comment because I think she made an excellent point.

"I always think it's interesting to see these outfits on real women. There's a difference between a size 12-18 model who is 5'9" and taller than a size 12-18 person who is 5'3"-5'6" (I'm 5'6" with short legs and I can't pull off many of the very attractive looks I see even in Lane Bryant). Having height helps."

So very true.
#13 Riana on 2009-03-19 11:39 (Reply)
Plus-sized is hard to do because "PLUS SIZE" is not all encompassing. Some bigger ladies have big tummies but enviably toned and skinny legs. Some have big arms and boobies and hips but flat tummies, thin waists. It's not one-cut fits all.

But I do have to say, even I wouldn't wear white bermuda shorts (I have gigantic legs) - it doesn't look bad, but perhaps a looser cut and in a khaki or brown. Also I'm not plus-sized but I used to be bordering on it and I needed to wear a bra, strapless would NOT do.

Btw - this looks like a juniors selection, is it?
#14 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-03-19 14:31 (Reply)
It's the classic problem of taking fashion trends from the runway and transposing them on the plus-size population and assuming that it will work.

Any designer worth his or her salt who is serious about designing for plus-sizes needs to consider the unique challenges of a plus-sized body instead of simply building bigger-sized, "trendy" clothes.
#15 Jo from Canada on 2009-03-19 16:42 (Reply)
Ooh, those white shorts are just not good.
#16 Sarah Mitchell on 2009-03-19 17:37 (Reply)
Why is it that most plus sized clothing is either cheap looking or over the top trendy? Who do they think we are? Why can't they give us quality "designer" clothes? Why do we have to look like pin up girls or sluts? Most of the clothes I have seen are cheap fabrics, lazy designs and all around disappointing. These pieces from Pure Energy are terrible. What is with those tops? When did these tops come back in style? Who let that happen?!?!
#17 Jenny on 2009-03-20 09:15 (Reply)
despite whether or not anyone likes the clothes, your model looks cute and comfortable. nice photography, bb.
#18 romi on 2009-03-31 22:47 (Reply)
I must say that I have seen the line myself at Target, and most of the items shown here are not available at mine. The line at my store is extremely cute, and I am anxious to try some of them on when I get time. Some items of the line may not be flattering for us, but if it makes us feel good, then it has served its purpose, right? Who says we have to dress like middle age ladies, or that we have to spend a lot of money to dress our age??? I'm pleased with the line, and will be wearing it soon.
#19 Liz on 2009-04-04 06:44 (Reply)
I have to agree...I don't think any of these clothes are flattering. To be honest, this line is a mess. I couldn't see myself in any of these looks.
#20 Jo on 2009-04-30 19:17 (Reply)
I have to say that I have been shopping at the Target store near me and i love all of it...i am so sorry you guys don't like it all but you should go into target because i think this is just a small selection of the assortment......

All i know is that me and my friends have gone and have been surprised at how great things fit. They took into consideration all the curves that i want to hide. some things are bare but i just layer a bit so i can still look cute. come on give it a try.
#21 Coxie on 2009-04-30 20:03 (Reply)
it seems to me most of the comments do not like the new line at Target being a Target team member i just had to say that this line is directed towards juniors. some of the items that are included in the Pure Energy brand are also offered in regular sizes, but they are labeled as xhilaration. most of the items you wouldnt find an older "plus-size" wearing it but maybe for the younger shoppers they still would feel confident wearing. everyone at the target i work at loves the pure energy.
#22 sandy on 2009-06-02 01:13 (Reply)
I understand what a lot of you are saying about not necessarily wanting to wear things like that because of spagetti straps etc. But as a young plus-sized women a lot of the time I wish to be able to wear the same styles as my peers but cant because they dont just make those clothes in bigger sizes. I went into Target the other day and was pleasantly surprised at the clothes that are now available me and in Target. I would deffinately wear most of the shirts and dresses, but do think that the line is targeted towards a younger crowd.
#23 Noelle Johnson on 2009-07-02 13:26 (Reply)
i love pure energy! some of the styles aren't for everyone, but what line IS????? i follow them on facebook and you can see the whole line!
#24 marcy Guevara (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 01:22 (Reply)
I have gone to Target lately and I have tried on some of the newest designs from the Pure Energy plus size line. I am a size 14/16 and some of their size 1 (14/16) clothing is too big for me especially the blouses and tops. The good thing is that they tend to come with adjustable straps to fit different body types. I have a dress, and a pair of jeans from Pure Energy and I love them.

I don't really see a problem with the clothing. Sure, big baggy tops don't always flatter the figure of plus size women however, It depends on what size the woman is and the type of figure she has. I have tried on numerous outfits by the brand and though they all fit some aren't as flattering on me personally as others.

Their sizes due tend to run a bit bigger. But then again it might be because I am a smaller 14/16.

I'm just glad that someone finally came out with a plus size line that is more trendy and fresh than what most people are used to seeing. I remember the days when all they made for plus size women was floral tops and draw string pants. Thank god those days are over!
#25 Leslie Dodge on 2010-04-22 07:32 (Reply)
No matter what anybody says, Pure Energy I love your line. I'm 22, 225 lbs, 5'6", an apple shaped fat girl and can never find anything to wear. When I first saw this line come out, I thought ok, cute, but not great.. and then tonight I went there and omg I tried on tiered floral and a hoodie with black lace, sexy t shirts and lacey tanks. I saw them on the hanger and thought they're cute.. but they probably won't fit me because nothing ever does. And then I tried them on. First off I recommend wearing tummy control undergarments (I wear 4x from wal mart) and when I tried these on they were fitted to my curves but weren't too tight. I am an alt chick and pure energy makes me look like a sexy young woman. I bought ripped jeans, the hoodie, and three shirts for $140. When I got home I modeled for my guy and he ripped them off of me.. twice. I am definitely a new fan.
#26 Fat Girl on 2010-08-06 22:47 (Reply)
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