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Topshop SOHO Grand Opening Video: The Queue

So when I caught wind that Kate Moss would be doing the ribbon cutting at today's Topshop grand opening, my excitement bubbled over and I decided I absolutely had to go. After training it into the city, I arrived at the corner of Broadway and Broome in New York's SOHO neighborhood just minutes before the doors opened, and the line was already doing a 360 loop around the block. I stayed near the entrance to hear the count down, which ended with a burst of confetti in the air, people cheering and the doors opening. Then I made my way to the end of the line—no VIP treatment here, oh no! Budget Babe waited over 2 hours like a real champ with the rest of the droves of cheap-n-chic lovers, eager to get our hands on some of the UK's hottest fashion exports.

And ya know what? The weather was gorgeous, the crowd was fabulous, the treats were yummy (Topshop staff handed out water and cookies) AND I friggin saw Kate Moss for one brief, exquisite moment as she exited the back door of the building, ducked into a car and was whisked away. Woohoo! I felt like Ahab spotting the white whale or something, except I didn't have a harpoon full of malice, just a heart full of love for the supermodel extraordinaire (what girl doesn't adore the infallible Kate?). So yeah, definitely worth it, the wait was half the experience.

I'll post my review of the store itself tomorrow and show you what I bought, but for now, check out this video I took as I walked to the end of the line. Kinda cool to see what everyone was wearing. There was also a non-Topshop related DKNY fashion shoot on Crosby St., which was cool to see (New York's crawling with models.) Anyone else make it to the store today?

woww..the line was SO long lol! how cool seeing all the NY people waiting lol nowwww what did you buy?! i still think topshop is a pretty expensive
#1 piggy on 2009-04-03 00:05 (Reply)
FUN! I've been to two H&M openings,but I didn't have to wait two hours to get in! Your a trouper! I also randomly saw Kate Moss at Disneyland with her daughter a while ago.
#2 Ally (Homepage) on 2009-04-03 00:07 (Reply)
Just find it funny how everyone is dressed the same: Black or grey skinny jeans, heels, scarf, leather jacket. Repeat ad nauseum.

That's pretty exciting for you though - now if only they would ship to Canada! Until then I'm stuck buying my TopShop stuff from eBay!
#3 Wanderlust (Homepage) on 2009-04-03 00:14 (Reply)
WOW that's awesome I would love to see Kate Moss even if it was just for a quick second. I wish I lived closer to NY there is no way Im getting to a TopShop anytime soon.
#4 J (Homepage) on 2009-04-03 08:33 (Reply)
That's the longest line in the history of lines! :-) Sounds like you had a great time. Funny, I was thinking the same thing as Wanderlust, I felt like everyone had similar outfits on.

Anyway, can't wait to see all your goodies!
#5 DY on 2009-04-03 08:36 (Reply)
It's true, there seem to be a few uniforms that are repeated ALL over the place. But then you see the occasional jaw-dropping "oh my god i wish i could be half as chic" woman walk by, and it makes you want to weep! haha
#5.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-04-03 08:45 (Reply)
OMG did your video make me miss living there or what? and its been two years since I visited-weep weep. and yes there is a NY "uniform"- black or grey b/c that's how you feel coming up from the dirty subway day after day LOL!!!some days my feet would get black on the bottom if I wore sandals!
#6 Real Style Real people (Homepage) on 2009-04-03 11:45 (Reply)
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