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Reader Tip: Kayden Utility Boot from Target

Xhilaration at ShopStyle

A little while back, a reader tipped me off to these Xhilaration 'Kayden' Utility Boots, which she said had real leather uppers and were quite comfortable. I found them at my local Target store, and this weekend I bought them on sale for $17.48 down from $34.99. A fellow shopper commented on how cute they looked and said "Those so don't look like Target shoes"—meant to be taken as a compliment, of course!

Kayden Utility Boot from Target

I've been wearing them for the past two days (see my photo above) and they are worth every penny. If you're in the market for a warm weather boot—something rugged to toughen up a girly, floral dress, or a transitional shoe that you can wear with shorts when it's still kinda chilly—give the 'Kayden' a shot!

Ahhhh yes I have seen these at Target and they remind me of my Frye engineer boots! Actually, I'm pretty sure that's where Target got the idea! The first time I saw them was about two years ago when Kiera Knighly wore them in here Vogue issue. I'm totally obessed with my Fryes' they go with everything! And these are a perfect look for less version! Good job getting them on sale at that too! Here's the link to the Frye's
#1 Talk Pretty To Me (Homepage) on 2009-04-20 16:36 (Reply)
Utility boots aren't uncommon, but you're totally right -- the Target ones look exactly like the Frye boots! Yay for me, hehe (although your Fryes will probably last a lot longer...) =)
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-04-20 18:09 (Reply)
i have those and LOVE them!! i didn't get them on sale though. great job!!
#2 Carolyn (Homepage) on 2009-04-20 17:38 (Reply)
nice... i'll have to take a peek for those!
#3 Jill (Homepage) on 2009-04-20 19:07 (Reply)
ooooh. i have boot envy. i've wanted the fryes for so long, and i've been stalking the kayden for as long as it's been on the target website, but... i can't justify buying yet another pair of boots. bummer.

...UNLESS. i somehow find it for $17 and change at my local target. BB, you enabler.
#4 hanna (Homepage) on 2009-04-21 06:22 (Reply)
Those are surprisingly nice for Target! And yes, reminds me of Frye or ones on the Free People website. Good job!
#5 Jess on 2009-04-21 08:57 (Reply)
Wow - very cool and how can you say no at that price. I'll have to look for those!!
#6 Beth B. on 2009-04-21 09:34 (Reply)
I really like these; they look great with your jeans. I'm definitely going to be stopping at Target in search of them. I'm a Target addict!
#7 Erin on 2009-04-21 12:02 (Reply)
I have been watching these boots since they showed up in my local store and, thanks to you, I finally went and bought them. I know you gave some suggestions on how to wear them, but do you think you could do a post with some outfits? Sorry, I'm a visual person and I want to take full advantage of my awesome deal :-) BTW, love your site!
#8 Erin on 2009-04-21 12:11 (Reply)
I saw those boots too, and I liked them a lot but didn't get them. I don't think they'll look good; my calves are not thin, not to mention that my legs (below knee) are not that long... I'll end up looking stumpy. Sucks for me, because I was thinking I needed something just like that for the same reason you mentioned (I have a lot of uber feminine dresses and need something to toughen the look out). I guess I'll have to keep my eyes out for something with a longer shaft-length.
#9 Claudia on 2009-04-21 13:45 (Reply)
I second Erin, I'd love to see some suggestions on how to wear these.

BTW, I just picked these boots up on my lunch break. Thanks for the shopping tip! :-)
#10 Jen on 2009-04-21 15:00 (Reply)
BB, I went to Target and sadly only saw a shelf of size 8 and smaller boots. Then, peering in the back as if hiding from me, on the 3rd shelf, a pair of perfect size 9.5 boots!!! I have been wanting these since you posted about them but thought I wouldn't be able to find them after being picked over my clearance lovers. I was defeated before I even went in the store - but not today! - VICTORY! Can't wait tow wear them tomorrow!
#11 Allison (Homepage) on 2009-04-22 01:02 (Reply)
i bought them!!!
#12 jen on 2009-04-22 01:10 (Reply)
yep, I bought these last week on clearance at Target...they are verryyyyyy cute on!
#13 angie on 2009-04-22 14:54 (Reply)
Me too :-) I thought they were out of them, since I saw random pair of 8's on a separate shelf.
Scored them for $17 :-) LOOOOVE the color, I saw the black ones too, but I don't really like them, so I didn't get those.
#14 LAgurl1997 on 2009-04-22 15:01 (Reply)
That's cool I think I'll check out my local Target tomorrow. Haha maybe I'll call them first to see if they have them before I make the trek. The website says that they are only available online. Wny? Clearly all you ladies got yours in store.
#15 Jessie (Homepage) on 2009-04-23 00:58 (Reply)
I have been stalking these boots since your post. They are online for $29 but I had to find them cheaper (i probably ate up my savings in gas money driving at all the Targets in my area lol) Anyway just found them and can you believe they were marked down to $8 - that is right $8 I was so happy - they didn't have my exact size 8 1/2 but they did have a 9 and an 8 either could have worked but I sized up thinking of a thick sock. Thanks for the tip - I think I am going to LOVE my boots.
#16 Rachel on 2009-04-30 14:00 (Reply)
Anyone have any idea how I can find tha Kayden Utility Boots in a size 8.5??? I am dying to buy them, I am even stalking ebay. I wrote to Target, no one has them... :-(
#17 Trish on 2009-07-02 12:50 (Reply)
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