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Nothing to Wear Series: Foolproof Fall Outfit 2

Angie, author of the fashion blog, recently wrote a stellar post outlining 10 casual outfit formulas for moms on the go—simple yet stylish fashion formulas that will work wonderfully for any gal on the move. Last week, I tackled formula #1 using budget-friendly items, and today I'm taking on formula #2 using mostly items under $100, with the exception of some of the boots which are worth saving up for or waiting for a sale:

Skinny jeans + long sleeved T + scarf + tall boots



The Ingenue

* If these fashion personas sound familiar, it's because I've borrowed them from the book, Hollywood Intuition: It's What Separates Fashion Victims from Fashion Victors which I read at Target. Without buying. Shhh!

Are these looks you would wear?
i'm loving that first shirt!

i actually bought that target bag featured in the last set. i wound up buying it in black and purple and loved it. i gave in and bought the green but returned it because i really have no use for it lol
#1 fashion court (Homepage) on 2009-10-23 13:27 (Reply)
Thanks BB for introducing me to youlookfab. Now I'm addicted to her site too!
#2 Heather on 2009-10-23 13:50 (Reply)
I'm a busy (yet stylish) mom and jeans/t/boots is my fall uniform. So much better than seeing moms schlepping around in sweats all the time, don't you think?
#3 Robyn (Homepage) on 2009-10-23 13:50 (Reply)
i absolutely love the 2nd one
#4 giselle on 2009-10-23 14:30 (Reply)
Are these outfits stylish? Yes. Foolproof? Definitely not.

For gals like me who wear double-digit sizes (and I'm not even talking plus sizes here), skinny jeans are a real struggle.

I spent months trying on every pair of skinny jeans I could find and finally found only ONE pair that didn't make me look like a walking sausage -- and the legs STILL aren't slim to be tucked into tall boots.
#5 Nikki on 2009-10-23 15:11 (Reply)
I second Angie's thoughts. Denim leggings are a great alternative to skinny jeans! Lots of ladies actually prefer them for comfort and ease of layering. Here's one style that comes in 9 different fades/colors (I like "Deep Ocean" best) for less than $35 in sizes 12W-36W:

...tucked into these fab scrunched boots:

...topped with a ruffle front long-sleeve tee like this one:
#5.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-10-23 16:04 (Reply)
I am definitely liking The Ingenue look. It's very comfy, yet pulled together - perfect for weekend errands.

In response to Nikki, I've had very good luck with the Old Navy skinny Jean line. They're affordable, have a bit of the stretch and run in larger sizes than other stores. As for tucking the skinnies inside my boots, well that's a struggle. Unless I'm wearing "slouchy" style boots or my Uggs, I can't squeeze my skinnies into anything else. I'm working on searching for the "perfect boot" to solve this dilemma. If I come across anything, I'll share here :-)
#6 Maddy (Homepage) on 2009-10-23 15:21 (Reply)
And you did a stellar job putting these outfits together, Dianna! I’m over outfit #2. You rock! Here’s my detailed post of formula #2:

Nikki, you can absolutely wear this look at any size. It’s a question of finding the right cut of skinnies with the right fit of boot. It’s out there, I promise! Slouch boots paired with denim leggings are an excellent way of giving this formula a starting bash. If you like, the YLF forum will help you find items that fit. If you love the look, don’t give up yet :-)
#7 angie (Homepage) on 2009-10-23 15:31 (Reply)
I like the last outfit, I guess I'm an Ingenuine. I will def check out that book, sounds interesting!
#8 Leila (Homepage) on 2009-10-24 16:33 (Reply)
Looove the ingenue look. Thanks for doing this!
#9 Trude (Homepage) on 2009-10-26 17:15 (Reply)
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