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Whamo Camo

Some camouflage helps you go unseen, while some camouflage turns you into the center of attention.

Check out this Xhilaration® Camo Swimwear, $14.99, from You can't be missed while wearing it, that's for sure.

These camo Tallulah Low-rise Skinny pants, $19.99, from will call attention to your great sense of style.

When you sport these funky Restricted
Army Brat flats
, you'll become a moving target... for compliments, that is. $40.95 at

The Hats Have It

I know what you're thinking. Why would I possibly buy a wool hat in spring? The answer: Because it's so cheap! You always tell yourself you'll buy things on sale at the end of a season, but you inevitably get caught up in the approaching season's styles. Well this year will be different because you're going to buy this twilight wool hat from You'll be happy you did when fall rolls back around, trust us. Was: $58.00
Now: $9.95

Dressing the Wrist

Don't neglect your delicate wrists when getting dressed. Here are a few way to dress your wrists.

From, these ribbon wrapped bracelets are somewhat of a splurge at $44.00, but will take you from spring to fall with ease. Just unique enough, yet will match any outfit. Make them your signature.

A phat watch such as this Silver Mod Metal Watch by Guess says "I'm the sh--, and I know it." Be brave and give it a try. $75.00.

Can't go wrong with a cuff, like this one called Waterlooville from Just keep all other accessories to a minumum, and this bracelet will work as wearable art. $12.00.

Make a Splash

Chicago transforms during the summer. As temperatures rise, people awake as if from hibernation, taking to the streets, the shops, cafes, parks, and of course, the beach. They flock from all over the city to the lakefront to soak up the sun or bike or sail or swim...

We're getting misty eyed just imagining it...warm weather seems surreal after an extreme winter.

Lest we digress any further, check out this sumptuous velour beach towel from, $12.50. It's the perfect thing to put under your bum when you're sitting on sand.

Evoke the spirit of 300 with these metallic gold wedge sandals by What's What. Best worn by those with long legs (just being honest). An unexpected find on, $44.99.

These daisy daisy sunglasses from feature handpainted blossoms. All they need to thrive is full sun. On sale for $24.95.

Highs and Lows

Can you guess which of these items will cost you your entire paycheck (and then some), and which items won't? Neither could we. So until we win the lottery, we'll be opting for the low-end options on the right. And to the high-end bank busters we say, thanks for the inspiration!

Left: Marc by Marc Jacobs Jelly Peep-Toe Wedge $100.00,
Right: Jelly Shoe $29,

Left: Missoni Cupido Dress $1,325.00,
Right: Zig Zag Dress $29.80,

Left: Marc by Marc Jacobs Stacked Wedge Sandal $395.00,
Right: Buffalo Wedge $38,