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In Defense of Trends

For some, "trendy" is a dirty word. Why is that? If we're trendy, does that mean we can't think for ourselves? That we're somehow slaves to fashion? Gullible consumers willing to throw our money at whatever the magazines, celebrities or big business dictate?

Perhaps. But for some of us, following trends is just plain fun. We love to see what fabulous things our favorite designers will think of next. We giggle with glee to see trends we love, while we take guilty pleasure mocking and critiquing the ones we dislike. Then, we head to the stores (or our laptops) to find the trends that work for us—and make them our own.

One trend for spring that makes us sing is metallics, especially silver. These Aurora flats from are both cute and sophisticated—but we just like 'em cuz they're shiny. $21.80.

If you haven't tried cropped jackets yet, now's your chance. They're surprisingly comfortable and completely wearable, like this loose-fitting Frenchi Linen Blend Jacket from, $44.00.

All things navy and nautical are in this season. Sail with pride aboard the S.S. Trendwhore in this Kool Hearts Front Button Square Neck Blouse from, $36.