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Spring Bling

If you're going to the prom or a spring wedding, you're going to need some serious bling—but chances are, you don't have the serious cash to pay for it. Luckily, today's fashion forward ladies have plenty of affordable options to choose from.

If you like to take your fashion cues from the red carpet, you're going to fall in love with Their specialty is bringing you celebrity jewelry that looks just like what your favorite stars are seen shining in, at a fraction of the price of course. Silver and cubic zirconia take the place of platinum and diamonds, but who will know it except you?

Academy Award winner for Best Actress, Helen Miren, looked regal at the 79th Annual Oscars draped in diamonds on loan from jeweler Chopler.'s Neva's CZ Diamond Cluster Earrings are reminiscent of the ones she wore so you can feel like a queen, too. $49.99

This handmade Katherine Necklace featuring faux pearls and a vintage rhinestone pendant from is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite little black dress...or pink dress...or get the picture. $50

If you're willing to splurge a tad more, try Maya's CZ Pave Layered Ring from, a veritable bouquet of diamond-like brilliance that doubles as a door knocker (just kidding!). Reminds us of the iconic Chanel Chamelia. $119.95