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Impressed by Aerosoles

After two fruitless hours of pushing and shoving at a cramped outlet shoe store by my home, I resigned myself to the fact that I would not be getting new shoes to wear to the party that I was going to that night. Crushed (as we all are when we can't find the right pair of heels), I started to head home when a nearby Aerosoles store caught my eye. Typically, I don't shop there because the styles look too old for my taste and the prices, while reasonable, are a bit too high for my budget.

Nonetheless, I gave it a try—fifteen minutes later, I had myself the dreamiest and comfiest red-leather heels I've ever owned.

  • Service was impeccable (The Budget Babe is generally used to having to forgo good service to get a bargain)

  • The styles were fresh, modern, suitable for any number of occasions. Clearly they've undergone a makeover by their design team.

  • The shoes I picked fit like a glove and the touch of real leather to my toes—which have grown accustomed to stiff, synthetic uppers—was heavenly. I am sensitive to the vegan fashionistas out there (we ADORE everything matt & nat), but nothing quite compares to the comfort and breathability of real leather.

  • And finally, they were on sale for $39.99!

I'm happy to report that the shoes stood up to a night on the town. Someone even asked if they were Pradas. I graciously accepted the compliment, of course, but promptly proceeded to tell them the truth, and now I'm bent on spreading the news to all: Aerosoles are my new best friend.

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