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Hippie Chic

For our mother's generation, being a hippie was a social statement that involved weaving daisy chains and smoking ganja to the sounds of the Grateful Dead. But for us, being hippie-chic is a fun fashion statement that means empire-waist frocks, breezy blouses and beaded necklaces.

Oh, the times they are a changin'.

Here's how to pull off the hippie/boho trend in today's world:

  • Stick to one item at a time. It's easy to overdo this look, so stick to one hippie-chic article of clothing or accessory per outfit.

  • Balance with something tailored. Pair a flouncy blouse with tailored shorts or a tiered-skirt with a crisp white shirt to make your look up-to-date.

  • Add a modern touch. Think sleek silver accessories, mod lucite jewelry or fab oversized shades.

Find your inner love child with these hippie-chic inspired tops...

Tart Tunic, very Tory Burch. $19.80

Vintage Summer Tunic, love the jewel tones in this one. $19.80

Floral Drawstring Tunic, we've seen similar tops from BCBGirls for triple the price. $22.00

Floral Tunic, colorful ethnic-inspired "embroidery" is tres hippie chic. $24.80

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