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SJP Debuts Budget Fashion Line on "Oprah"

Sarah Jessica Parker the Designer officially received the blessing of the Queen of All Media, having debuted her budget fashion collection "Bitten" for retailer Steve & Barry's on the Oprah Winfrey Show today—cha-ching!

All joke$ a$ide, in our book, the beautifully brilliant Sarah Jessica can do no wrong, so even though we're opposed to many celeb-cum-fashion designers, we can't help but approve, nay, support her in this endeavor. "It's about fashion not being a luxury and quality not being a privilege," says Sarah Jessica. Girl, you are preachin' to the choir! The question is: will Bitten deliver these lofty, democratic promises? Honestly, we're just surprised that SJP didn't opt to do something high-end (she could easily get away with it, she was Carrie for godsakes!)...or go mid-level with Topshop?

But enough scrutinizing the potter—let's look at the clay.

The collection is modern American sportswear, with classic lines, solid "looking" craftsmanship, neutral colors and wearable fabrics. Translation: boring, but still chic. Best part is the clothes come in sizes 2-22 and each piece is priced at under $20!
Because none of the items we've seen so far are particularly sensational, creative or quirky (as was SJP's SATC character), we'll be doing a lot of mixin' and matchin' with whichever items we end up buying. A 3/4-sleeve swing cardigan ($19.98) definitely caught our eye, as did the seersucker pants ($14.98) and houndstooth coat with classic collar ($19.98).

Browse the collection for yourself at and see whether you're bitten by Sarah Jessica's affordable fashions or not.
Bitten cardiganBitten seersucker pantsBitten houndstooth coat