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Are You A Fan of Havaianas Flip-Flops?

Created back in the 1960s, Havaianas flip-flops have made their way in recent years from small towns in South America, to runways and famous feet around the globe, gaining an almost cult-like following and the title "best rubber flip flops in the world."

Havaianas Top Yellow, $11.99; Slim Season Tomato, $19.99; Swarovski© Star Flower, $99. Available at

According to the company, Havaianas are made from a top secret rubber recipe that makes them soft as marshmallows, light and durable. We can't verify whether this is true or not because we won't pay more than $10 for flip-flops (we never said we weren't cheap!). Havaianas cost between $14.95 at $22.95 at a retailer like Nordstrom. Sure, that's not ridiculously expensive, but flip-flops are 2 for $10 at

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We will say this: We love the Havaianas official website with its kaleidoscope of colors and chill Latin beats. Who wouldn't want a piece of the Brazilian beach lovin' lifestyle they're selling? And if nothing else, they sure beat Crocs.

What do you think? Are Havaianas truly the best rubber flip-flops money can buy? Or are they just overpriced, overhyped pieces of plastic?