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The Turban Trend: Can It Work?

A Prada turban on the spring Fashion Week runway from

As much as we adore Miuccia Prada, she started a rather disturbing trend this spring—the turban.

We moaned and groaned at first because let's face it—the turban is such an easy sartorial target (for one, it looks like a shower cap).

Then we thought, rather than simply bash this questionable headgear, let's see if we can find a case where it works—et voila, you're looking at it!

Paired with an elegant, floor-length black dress, we think this satin jewel-colored turban is the perfect accessory for evening. It's a glamorous throwback to fashion fifty years ago or so. And for some reason, it reminds us of The English Patient. It's sophisticated, chic, and hardly looks like she's hiding a bad hair day.

Perhaps that's the key: the idea that a turban can be tossed on to cover unkempt hair is a bit absurd. The woman who can successfully pull off the turban trend must wear it with resolve and clear intent.

Will you be donning a turban this season? Has fashion gone mad, or is this a fresh alternative to hats?

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