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The Look for Less: See by Chloe

Imitating an outfit you love doesn't mean you have to copy it to the letter. Here's our spin-off of a lovely layered look for fall...

A look for fall from See by Chloe (left), with a more affordable rendition (right)

What caught our eye: In the look on the left, we loved the layering—an oversized tunic dress worn over a pleated gray sweater provides warmth, comfort and movement. The eye-catching scalloped skirt gives you just the right amount of additional length.

Color theory: The gray turtleneck, tights and muted olive dress provide a neutral base; yellow, green's neighbor on the color wheel, is used as an accent and really pops against the darker shades. Finally, the ochre of the shoes ties in with the skirt and pulls the outfit together.

Our (affordable) take: We maintained the layering elements and the color relationships. The gray sweater and tights form a foundation. Next, we swapped eggplant for olive, and fuchsia for yellow (because green is to yellow as purple is to pink...sounds like an SAT question, no?) Flirty, retro sandals flaunt both magenta and purple tones, which we think adds a nice touch to the overall look.

Et voila: Perhaps this is already a fine-tuned strategy that you employ with your own wardrobe. But if not, next time you spot an ensemble that speaks to you, try creating your own version. It doesn't have to be exact—just break it down and built it back up again...on a budget, of course!

Items: [1] sweater, [2] tunic, [3] skirt, [4] tights, [5] shoes