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Old Navy's New Denim Styles

Old Navy just came out with three new denim styles—The Diva, the Flirt and the Sweetheart.

Old Navy New Denim Styles
Hearing Madeleine Peyroux croon "Blue Alert" in the background of the TV commercial (There's perfume burning in the air / Bits of beauty everywhere / You're such a flirt) was enough to get us in the store to check them out.

Sadly, the jeans didn't deliver the same thrills as Ms. Peyroux and her sultry voice: One was too loose in the tush, the other was too loose at the small of the back, and the third was just too loose everywhere. We really wanted to love these jeans because they're only $25, and cuz the names are so very cute, but they just didn't fit.

However, we'd still recommend trying them on for yourself because no two women are shaped the same. The quality was decent and the dark washes were pleasant, and the Old Navy we went to had plenty of jeans in our size in stock. So give it a go—and good luck!