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How Much Should You Spend on Clothes?

How much should a woman spend on clothes, shoes, handbags and other fashion paraphernalia? Here's one way to break it down according to personal finance expert Jean Chatzky, a regular money contributor to the Today Show and The Oprah Show.

budget piechart

Clothing falls into the "Other Living Expenses" category, along with Entertainment, Vacations and Eating Out.

Depending on the day—and our mood—we both thank and blame Chatzky for reinforcing our budget-minded mentality, what with her constant incantations of "boring is better" and "make your money work for you" and "save don't spend." But ultimately, she's taught us so much, and we think her pie chart is a valuable tool for managing your money wisely. (Mmmmm...pie)

So how much do you budget for clothing? (You do have a budget, right?)