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BB Reviews Alice Temperley for Target

The Alice Temperley for Target collection is a sheer and utter delight. Replete with ruffles, buttons and polka dots, this line is absolutely fun, fun, FUN!

As promised, here's our take on the goods...
alice temperley for target
The royal blue cropped jacket on the left was the first thing we spotted on the rack on account of its bright, cheerful color (also comes in a nice cream color). Made from 80% polyester and 20% wool, it's surprisingly comfortable and soft to the touch. Gorgeous black/blue polka-dot lining, too. But our boyfriend would laugh hysterically if he saw us wearing this, so best left for Mary Poppins (and at $44.99, it's definitely doable on a nanny's salary).

The black sweater vest on the right is 100% cotton, which we like. At $22.99, you get what you pay for with this one. It's rather...fragile, but cute nonetheless.

alice temperley for target
Didn't think we'd dig the skirtall on the left, but it fit like a glove and was super cute to boot. Pair with footless tights and heels ($29.99; 100% polyester).

The pink top on the right also put a smile on our face because a) it's pink and b) it's pink. Ooh, and it was nice and long, just the way we like it. A steal at $14.99 (95% cotton, 5% spandex).

alice temperley for target
In theory, the ruffled blouse on the left is perfect: It's feminine, sophisticated, dramatic. We loved it, but would never, ever wear it. Make sense? It's 100% polyester, but definitely doesn't look like it. Cost: A measly $29.99.

The black pants on the right were tough to get into, but once we zipped, buttoned and fastened our way into them, we didn't want to take them off: Comfortable, elegant, and of course, versatile. ($39.99; 100% polyester)

alice temperley for target
The crepe dress on the left was probably our favorite item simply because it's most closely aligned with our own personal style: Easy fit, great movement to the fabric, girly but with an edge. Simultaneously modern and retro. Loved the fabric covered buttons down the front, and the silhouette created by the tie around the waist. We'd wear it with leggings. ($29.99, 100% rayon).

The polka-dot blouse on the right was charming, but not our style. Too "tea and crumpets." Though made from 100% polyester, the quality was still impressive for $29.99.

alice temperley for target
The love fest continued with the cropped pants on the left. Bronze buttons featuring the Temperley design were a nice touch. Makes us feel like they paid attention to detail and put some thought into it (Touching, isn't it?) For $34.99, you can afford to experiment and try this jean-alternative without any risk.

We're definitely going to buy the navy/purplish knit top on the right because we thrive on making understatements. It has just a smidgen of detail, which is enough to make it fashiony. Just $16.99.

alice temperley for target
The sleeves on the cotton shirtdress on the left were too short for us. But we comforted ourselves with the fact that we do not like to iron. Yet the buttons are to die for, and come on, $29.99 for something this fashion forward? Go for it.

The off-white cotton shirt on the right (which also comes in black) fit well and looked sharp, but again, too fussy. And too "swashbuckler." But can't argue with the $24.99 pricetag.

In conclusion: Our only complaint is that they didn't make clothes like this (and at these prices) when we were in junior high, because for the most part, the collection is too young for us. But hey, it's GO, and that's perfectly alright. We had a ball just trying this stuff on!