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Fit to Be Tied: How to Wear A Scarf

Scarves are a classic accessory that add effortless glamor to any outfit. Buying vintage is one of the best ways to go for unique, one-of-a-kind designer pieces, so be sure to scour thrift stores and resale shops near you. Fab treasures can also be found online: Back-in-Style has a fantastic collection of vintage scarves, many for under $50. Here are our top picks, followed by some fresh ideas for how to wear them:

[1] Lanvin silk scarf, $50
[2] Schiaparelli silk scarf, $35
[3] Retro vintage silk scarf, $20
[4] Celine silk scarf, $37.50

[1] Knot sure how to tie a scarf? No problem: Simply toss a long scarf around your neck and let it hang loose, baby!
[2] Head scarves are equally chic for conservative girls and boho babes alike. Perfect for bad hair days, too.
[3] Worn as a tie around the neck, a scarf literally ties an outfit together. Brilliant!
[4] Tuck a scarf around the neckline beneath a cardigan (or crisp white buttoned-down shirt) to frame the face with gorgeous light, color and texture. We think this photo also inadvertently demonstrates how a scarf can make a great belt!
[5] Audrey Hepburn in Charade (1963) shows us how to sport the silk square for its mystique-preserving qualities.
[6] Express your personal style by weaving a scarf through the hardware on your fave handbag. Or, just tie a scarf around one of the straps for instant panache.