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The Top 10 Colors for Spring 2008

New York, London and Milan have all seen Spring 2008 Fashion Shows come and go, and now the circus has hunkered down in Paris for the week.

Lush colors abound on Versace's Spring 2008 runway in Milan. Photos:

Our practical side thinks the semiannual spectacle is largely irrelevant (blasphemy!) for those of us not directly involved in the fashion industry. After all, we've just started to build our fall and winter wardrobe, so what's the point of thinking ahead to next spring?

A part of us even wonders if the Fall/Spring calendar is relevant for the rag trade itself anymore: In today's world, do they still need that much time to pick, purchase and move merchandise into stores? We can only speculate.

On the other hand, our much greater impractical side is simply drawn to the splendor and the excitement of the runways, ignited with new silhouettes, faces and vibrant colors. Who cares if springtime is eons away? We love fashion week just the same!

Which brings us to Pantone's top ten colors for Spring 2008, a highlight of the entire exhibition where romantic idealism and pragmatism meet: Not only do you get to revel in the new hues like a child with a fresh box of Crayons—you can also scoop up items in these colors right now on end-of-summer clearance, or before anyone else knows they're hot:

Top 10 Spring 2008 Colors

  • Rococco Red (PANTONE 18-1652)

  • Snorkel Blue (PANTONE 19-4049)

  • Freesia (PANTONE 14-0852)

  • Daiquiri Green (PANTONE 12-0435)

  • Croissant (PANTONE 16-0924)

  • Silver Gray (PANTONE 14-0000)

  • Spring Crocus (PANTONE 17-3020)

  • Cantaloupe(PANTONE 15-1239)

  • Pink Mist(PANTONE 13-2805)

  • Golden Olive (PANTONE 16-0639)

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