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Beauty Review: Revlon Colorsilk

Why Budget is Best
by The Budget Babe's Beauty Expert
For the past five years, I have been using the cheapest haircolor available: Revlon Colorsilk. It's just $3.99 a box and it's always given me great results.

Left: What the box promises. Right: Actual results. Revlon Colorsilk delivers!

I like the color, and people often ask if I get my hair colored professionally. Normally, I just scoffed at them—making your hair blonde (in my case blond-er) is the easiest thing ever! All blonde dyes are basically the same: peroxide—right?

Wrong! Just this past month I decided to do a little test. Is the more expensive blonde dye better? Will my hair be more “multi-faceted,” “healthier,” and will my “color last longer?” (although please note, blonde doesn’t really go anywhere really, since its more like a lack of color…).

So, I picked up what seemed to be a really enticing box of Garnier Fructis 100% color (ooooh special) in extra light ash blonde. After doing what I’ve done for the past 5 years without fault (dye my own hair), I removed the towel from my head to reveal beautiful, multi-faceted, healthy, long lasting gray hair.

Left: What the box promises. Right: Actual results. What gives, Garnier?!?

Yes, gray. Any normal person would be horrified and never touch the stuff again, but I, for the sake of a truly scientific conclusion, undid the gray and tried it again. Needless to say I now understand why they suggest those with gray hair not use their product. So, in the world of do-it-yourself dyes, I know one thing is true: Price does not always ensure quality (unless you want gray hair, which, I must admit has grown on me).

When its time to dye again, I will return to my super-cheapness, which just so happened to also be the best overall option. Once again proving that the more expensive option is not always the best option.

Have any of you ladies ever been shocked by the cheapest product on the market (in a good way) or shocked by the high(er) ticket item (in a bad way)? Now’s the time to spread the word!