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Model Spotlight: Crystal Renn

Model Crystal Renn looks absolutely brilliant in her fall campaign for Mango. The caption on their site reads, "Model Crystal Renn shows you how to take full advantage of your curves. Why not?"

We first learned about Crystal when she appeared on Oprah back in November of 2006. After struggling to fit the stick-thin mold of what agents told her she had to look like in order to be successful, Crystal had a personal breakthrough and decided to just be herself. Since returning to her normal weight (she had dropped to a dangerous 95 pounds at her lowest), she's been featured in multiple Vogue magazines and is the first size-12 woman to earn a highly coveted Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign.

Sidenote: After watching the last episode of ANTM, we think the contestants could all take a lesson from Ms. Renn—isn't she stunning?!

See the full campaign at >>