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Tiffany's Big, Small Plans

Tiffany & Co. announced plans to roll out up to 70 smaller-format stores, called Tiffany & Co. Collections, at a rate of three to five per year.

The stores will offer a wide range of jewelry, with a focus on higher-margin silver jewelry, but not engagement jewelry.

We're not really surprised by this move since we get the Tiffany catalogs in the mail (which are adorable, by the way) and they're already filled with accessibly priced jewelry, especially silver pieces that hover around $100-$200 dollars.

If anything, we were just surprised by how possessive the news made us feel regarding the Tiffany brand...we were somewhat overcome by the feeling that we didn't want them going more mainstream just to increase sales.

Why you ask? Well, let's face it: We're not exactly regular customers at Cartier and Harry Winston. Tiffany's is iconic, it's well-crafted, and it's attainable. No matter what anyone says about Tiffany's (overpriced, everyone's wearing it, etc.), their jewelry will always hold a special, nostalgic place in our heart. After all, Dad bought Mom a Tiffany engagement ring, and we've been presented with more than one meaningful gift from Tiffany's over the years. Those aren't emotions you can simply ignore. ::sound of violins::

So while we're sorta bummed that Tiffany's is branching out, we're guessing this means more women (and the men who love them) will be able to scoop up a little blue box of affordable you could think of it as spreadin' the love.

What do you think about Tiffany & Co.'s decision?