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Look Foxy in Faux Fur

There's something utterly uptown about fashion and fur. While real fur can run into the thousands, faux fur is decidedly affordable. What's more, it's as guilt-free a pleasure as they get (saves you cash, saves a furry critter's hide, and saves PETA the cost of a gallon of red paint).

Leave it to vegan-friendly designer Stella McCartney to give us innovative faux-fur looks on the fall 2007 runway.

Whether you go for the drama of a solid fur jacket or the understated elegance of a fur collar and cuffs, there's a fabulous faux fur to match your style and your budget.

Mr. Chinchilla thanks you.

(from top to bottom, left to right)
[1] Plaid jacket with removable faux fur lapel trim, $32.80
[2] Faux mink hooded jacket, $34.80
[3] Faux fur shawl with jeweled broach, $28
[4] Denizen 3/4 sleeve faux fur jacket, $49.80
[5] Penélope & Mónica Cruz for MNG faux fur coat, $108.99
[6] Faux fur vest with sequin and bead embellishments, $59.80
[7] Jones New York Signature faux fur collar car coat, sale $66.90
[8] Express embellished faux fur coat, $128