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Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Fashion and the figure go hand in hand. Not because of rail-thin models, starved celebs or any myriad of body-conscious images that permeate the (oftentimes) shallow world of fashion, but because fashion is dependent, nay, inextricably linked to the body, the human form. Yes, fashion is physically as well as visually expressive, from the fit to the movement to the tactile pleasure that it stirs.

This is not to suggest that fashion and one particular type of figure are married in a sartorial alliance, rather, that everyone should happily consider how their unique shape, weight, build and gait informs the clothes they wear.

Which brings us to fashion and fitness. At the start of every New Year, millions of Americans resolve to lose weight in order to feel healthier, boost their energy, live longer and above all, fit into their favorite pair of jeans. If you count yourself among their noble ranks, then read on for some tried-and-true tips on how to lose weight—and keep it off.

Look for Less: Chloé Metallic Mini

With creative and tasteful applications of metallics such as this embellished Chloé mini skirt (left) - and its oh-so-affordable Twelve by Twelve understudies (right) - me thinks this trend is here to stay for a very, very long time. And if we're wrong? Opt for the lesser priced version and you'll only be $50 poorer.

Luxe: Chloé mini skirt WAS: $1,910.00 NOW: $1,146.00
Less (Top): Twelve by Twelve wool cowlneck dress, $49.50
Less (Bottom): Twelve by Twelve wool turtleneck dress, $49.50