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Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation Review

The Budget Beauty Babe extols the virtues (and mentions a few shortcomings) of new Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation. —BB

by The Budget Beauty Babe
Revlon has jumped onto the mineral makeup bandwagon and released a mineral foundation product for their ColorStay line, Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation - and so off I went to Walgreens to pick it up. I literally feel like I have enough mineral makeup to now last me for the next five years, but as a result I think I’m getting pretty good at telling the differences between them. I’m like a mineral makeup connoisseur.

Revlon is a great budget makeup line, and I’m usually a big fan of their products. I think that although this is not top quality mineral makeup, it’s a nice middle of the road product that delivers enough for me to keep it around. It is definitely better than the Maybelline Mineral Power line, and far better then the E.l.f. mineral makeup collection (gross!)

Cute container, although the first day it took me at least ten minutes to figure out how to open it (I’m special) but once I did I was charmed. The brush is tucked into the lid, and rotates out with a twist of the top, and the makeup is stored down in the bottom half which has a very nice deeeeep sifter, which I think is a really great way to swirl the product onto the brush without covering yourself in it.

The makeup provided a nice level of coverage, wasn’t too matte or too shiny, and sat well on the skin. Didn’t feel too dry or get too oily, and was overall satisfactory. I couldn’t say I’m in love with it, because I did feel the look was a tad bit chalky (probably the talc), but on my mother it looked really nice, maybe its more important with this line to really match your shade correctly (real mineral makeup is more vague and tends to blend better). Speaking of my mother, she thought it was very nice, and that it didn’t collect in any line or wrinkles and gave her skin a nice even look.

Let me mention though, that this again cannot really be considered pure mineral makeup: it has minerals in it, and it’s a loose powder that you buff on, but the ingredient list is long and full of things that are not minerals. So if it's really truly mineral makeup you are after, keep on looking (and so will I!)

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