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Olay Body Quench Mousse in Ultra Moisture

It's like a decadent dessert for your desert-dry skin. The Budget Beauty Babe gushes about new Olay Body Quench Mousse. —BB

by The Budget Beauty Babe
Every once in a while I find a product that I just go nuts for, and this is one of them! I hadn’t seen any ads for it, but while grocery shopping at Jewel (of all places) I spotted an end-of-isle stand with this lovely product sitting upon it: It’s the new Quench Mousse by Olay Body, and boy is it fantastic!

The gimmick on the bottle is “a little goes a long way” and it really does. This fantastic product comes in what looks like a hair mousse container, and puffs up like it too - but it's body lotion! The puff-up mousse action thing that goes on really makes spreading the product a dream, and as a result, very little mousse will cover a very large area.

It's super fun to play with, and it smells delightful. This is something I just LOVE! And to add to my glee, it’s a fantastic product. My skin felt soft, hydrated, and natural (read: bare). It makes my skin feel like I just popped out of the womb, and not like I’ve slathered myself with I-can’t-believe-its-not-butter (you all know what I’m talking about, putting lotion on your legs and then not being able to pull your pants up cause they stick, don’t even try to pretend like that hasn’t happened.)

The bottle boasts 24-hour moisture that breaks the cycle of dry skin, and I can’t deny it. My skin is loving this stuff, and so is my wallet. It's 7.99 a bottle and comes in either Ultra Moisture with shea butter and vitamins E & B3, or Active Hydration with green tea and vitamin complex. It’s a 7.1 oz bottle, and with the mousse foaming action it really lasts. Absolutely fantastic for spring and summer, and a must for those who want quick, fun, fantastic moisture.

>> New Olay Body Quench Mousse in Ultra Moisture is $7.99 at

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