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4 Dry Cleaning Alternatives

Dry cleaning is bad for the environment and your wallet. Here are four dry cleaning alternatives that will help you spend less while being kinder to Mother Earth at the same time:

  • Hand-wash delicates, including silk and cashmere, with a gentle eco-friendly detergent or soap. Air-dry flat on a collapsible mesh drying rack. We recommend the Container store's Pop-Open Sweater Dryer.

  • Purchase an at-home professional clothes steamer. They get rid of wrinkles and help keep clothes fresher, longer.

  • Use Dryel or Dry Cleaner's Secret (these products let you quickly and easily "dry-clean" in your dryer, without the toxic chemicals). You can get a free sample of Dry Cleaner's Secret here.

  • Take your dry-clean only laundry to an organic dry cleaner. The prices are a tad higher, but the cleaning process is gentler on your clothes, your health and the environment.

Dear Readers: Got a great dry cleaning alternative? Share it in the comments.