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Luxe vs. Less: The Ombre Maxi Dress

Ombre Maxi Dresses for every budget

As a general rule, I try to avoid single articles of clothing that combine multiple trends, but that's just me. So for instance, I just ordered a super cute maxi dress from, but it's solid, boring black. I figure that I can pull off the trendy maxi look as long as I opt for a simple color and casual fabric that I can spruce up with the right accessories.

Having said that, the ombre maxi is not a look I would feel comfortable wearing, but I can easily see the appeal for certain girls. Celebs like Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba make them work, Kate with her bohemian vibe, and Jessica with her hot mama bod.

As for you, my beloved readers, reviews have been mixed when it comes to both ombre and maxi dresses. For some, ombre is too closely linked to tie-dye and hippies - and it's not the polished look you're going for. Others love this dip dye technique when it's done right. The maxi is a length lots of you love for easy, summer dressing...but for others, it's too fussy and too much fabric (gotta show off those great gams of yours!)

So what's the verdict going to be for these ombre maxis? If you're on the fence, it's good to know this trend is available for every budget (my favorite happens to be the cheapest one featured above.) Can you guess which costs the most? Answers after the jump...