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Yea or Nay: Free People

Free People's tempting fashions
Free People is known for their young, eclectic, nouveau-bohemian vibe.

The same folks who bring us edgy looks from Urban Outfitters and ladylike looks from Anthropologie also bring us the gypsy-chic looks that are Free People clothing. Like Urban and Anthro, Free People delivers gloriously creative catalogs that whisk you away to distant lands and dreamy landscapes that are at once seductive, evocative and altogether too fashionable for any mere mortal to actually live out in real life. Sure, a girl can dream, but more often than not, I think their clever marketing is meant to make you cough up huge sums of cash for flimsy, fleeting clothing.

So where am I going with all this? Free People is amazing to admire, but not necessarily to buy unless it's on sale. Most of their stuff has some kind of detailing, such as lace, crochet, fringe or beading, that makes the piece unique, but tough to care for. And each item is so recognizable, it's hard to wear the same pieces over and over without getting noticed, if you know what I mean. My verdict: Free People is a "Yea" for imaginative styling, uber coolness and originality, but a big "Nay" for ridiculous pricing and overall value. Kinda ironic that this costly brand which relies so heavily on it's image is called "Free People," huh?

What do you think about Free People?