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Seven Essentials for Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe staples need not be boring. []

I am 19-years-old [and] I want to know some essentials that I should have in my closet. When ever I google this question I get the "7 Essentials for Women" which normally include good jeans, a little black dress, and khaki slacks. I want more than that! So my questions are: Do these "basic essentials" apply to my age group? And if so, how can I spice them up? —Sammy

Pinning down seven wardrobe essentials for any age group is a tricky question as so much depends on your body type, fashion persona and lifestyle...but they can lay the foundation for a polished wardrobe AND help you stick to your budget. Here are some common must-haves that I think definitely work well for your age group...with my own little twist (khakis not included!):