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Jonathan Saunders for Target on Clearance

It's not too late to get something from the Jonathan Saunders for Target collection on clearance! I picked up this red dress for just $9.98, marked down from $39.99. Paired with a striped turtleneck ($8.50 at Forever 21), this fun little frock will be perfect for casual Christmas festivities with the fam. I fear that I may look like one of Santa's elves but I just can't resist those Target clearance racks. Check your local store or for more styles.

Inflated Prices at Urban

OK, so I know I'm a weirdo for posting this but check it out: A couple weeks ago, I purchased a bottle of L.A. Girl Flare Bright Delights Nail Laquer in Blazin' from Urban Outfitters (really crappy quality, I might add, but it had a retro charm that kept me using it.) Flash forward to yesterday, when I'm shopping at Forever 21 and spot the exact same nail polish--but what's this? The price is drastically lower! At Urban, I paid $5 for my bottle of L.A. Flare. At Forever 21, the more maligned fast-fashion retailer, I paid just $2.80 (see pics).

If my college thesis adviser were to see this post, he'd probably pass out, because this fact is trivial at best. But I think I might be on to something bigger here, I'm just not sure what it is. What makes Urban mark up the same exact product so much more than Forever 21? Why do they think they can get away with it? Apparently, it's all marketing. And if they can do it with nail polish, you better believe they're doing this with other products too.