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BB Reviews Thakoon for Target

The Budget Babe models Thakoon for Target

Yesterday, the new Thakoon for Target collection hit stores, and yours truly was there to check it out. I wasn't too excited about this collection when I first saw the preview pics, but I gotta say, after trying these pieces on, I am totally sold! Thakoon makes me want, nay, yearn to wear bright colors and bold prints. Somehow, he keeps them fresh and classy and sorta understated even though there's a lot going on. I guess this is accomplished in part by simple silhouettes and colors that harmonize more than clash.

Anyways, the quality was comparable to earlier GO lines (decent for the money), and I was pleased to see plenty of 100% cotton. Pieces seemed to fit true to size, however, I should mention that some of the styles that suited my square boyish figure didn't sit well on my younger sister's curves (and we're the exact same size, she's just shaped differently if that makes any sense.) The lone little black dress in this collection (not shown) looked like a hot mess on both of us, and didn't seem to belong in the collection at all.

The 3/4 sleeve shirtdresses, on the other hand, looked fab on both of us, as did a brilliant frog green windbreaker, contrast trim cardigan and those lovely full skirts. My sister and I both agreed that the trench coat was beautiful but would have looked better if it was more fitted and tailored like a classic trench. Still, it was cool and had a nice lining. I'd consider getting it on sale.

There were many other items we wanted to see that weren't in (including those cute cyberfloral shorts), so I'll probably check out another Target or two for a wider selection. Overall, Thakoon for Target exceeded my expectations and put a big smile on my face. Have you seen it? What did you think?

Update: Thakoon for Target is back! Shop select Thakoon re-release dresses at beginning March 13, 2011.

The Budget Babe models Thakoon for Target

The Budget Babe models Thakoon for Target