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Four Frilly Tops: Would You Wear One?

Like a towering, layered wedding cake, these tiered ruffle tops look good enough to eat. The yummy colors are also delicious and irresistible for spring. Paired with slim black pants and heels, I think any of these tops would be perfect for an evening out. Toss on a fitted cardigan or blazer and you could even get away with one of these fashion confections at work. What do you think, too much frill or just right?

[1] Tiered Silk Blend Top, $27.80 at
[2] Ali Ro Tiered Ruffle Blouse, Was $264 Now $105.60 at
[3] Walter Tiered Chiffon Ruffle Blouse, Was $322.08 Now $108.00 at
[4] Xhilaration Sleeveless Ruffle Top, $17.99 at

The Best Lingerie on a Budget

Victoria's Secret

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I think it's only fitting that we discuss the best lingerie on a budget. I've been a loyal Victoria's Secret customer for as long as I can remember, but I feel it's time for me to expand my horizons, so I'm leaving it up to you ladies to clue me in: Where do you shop for sexy, comfy lingerie that doesn't cost a small fortune? I don't think lingerie should have to cost a lot, I mean, it's the woman who wears it that makes it hot. At the same time, it's oh-so-necessary and such a glamorous, girly thing to treat ourselves to that a little splurge here and there is totally permissible in my book. So let's hear it in the comments: From cotton panties to silk négligées, where to you shop for your unmentionables?

P.S. It's no coincidence that the Victoria's Secret winter clearance sale is going on now. Save up to 75% off 2,500 styles.