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Shop Alexander McQueen for Target Today!

Alexander McQueen Collection At

The big day has finally arrived when fashionistas nationwide can shop the Alexander McQueen for Target collection online and at select stores (sadly, not carried at a store near me). I'm just dying to get my hands on the asymmetrical dress (above) but I am reluctant to spend $69.99 without trying it on. Are you guys going gagga? Let me know what you buy!

See the entire Alexander McQueen Collection at

What Does Recession Style Mean to You?

Yesterday I was interviewed by a journalist at the University of Florida, who asked me to define "recession style." And it got me thinking: There are those who are new to the world of fashion on a budget, and then there are those of us who've been following a mantra of "fab without a fortune" for quite some time. Personally, I have never had the luxury of just buying whatever I felt like, whenever I felt like it. I have always been frugal out of necessity, but I think it's made me a stronger person and has taught me valuable lessons. Like, spend within your means. Save a little each day. Be grateful for what you have.