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Target Spring 2009 Style Guide

For more details go to FlipGloss

There's a new website called that may change the way we look at fashion online: Flipgloss uses magazine-style, photo-driven spreads to present users with interactive, eye-catching content.

Above, you'll see a glossy virtual mini-mag with 31 images featuring the latest spring collections at Target. Click on any item to find out how much it costs and where you can buy it.

Warning: You're going to want EVERYTHING! I saw most of these items during my last trip to Tar-zhay, including the lovely homegoods, and it makes me want to just revamp my entire wardrobe and redecorate my whole house! And that Merona "Paddington" coat is quite possibly the cutest coat I've seen all spring. You'll also see new accessories from the just-launched Felix Ray for Target collection. Ooh-la-la!

Check it out and let me know what you think of their format, Flipgloss will be looking for your feedback!

Ask BB: Designer-Inspired Handbags Versus Knockoffs

What's the difference between a knockoff and a piece that is inspired by a designer? —Lesley

Top: An authentic "Covered Giant Day" bag by Balenciaga. Bottom: Inspired-by bag at Mimi Boutique.

Here's the short answer: As I understand it, handbags called inspired by or similars are legal.

They're fun, inexpensive handbags that have similar design elements as their designer counterparts, but no one's going to confuse your inspired-by bag for the real thing (and if you think they will, you're just fooling yourself.)

Personally, I think designer-inspired bags are thrifty and fab-u-lous!

I photographed these knockoff Coach and Prada bags on the streets of New York City. They're everywhere.

Handbags called replicas or copies suggest counterfeiting and are illegal.

The people who sell these bags are trying to pass them off as the "real deal." Knockoffs, replicas or fakes will have fake name brand tags, logos, labels, etc. Inspired handbags will NOT.

Personally, I don't see the point of buying a fake. There is way too much credible information linking the sale of fake designer handbags with terrorist organizations, child labor, etc. Not to mention, a $100 fake Coach purse ain't a great deal. They're also considered tacky by many, and are often poorly constructed.

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Look for Less: Marc by Marc Jacobs Wedge Sandals

Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

How adorable are these Marc by Marc Jacobs wedges? Available in either red, green, black or white, these sensational patent leather sandals with a cork heel will cost you $340 at But we can do better than that, right ladies?

Victoria's Secret at ShopStyle

Victoria's Secret to the rescue! These aren't patent leather like the designer originals, but they're also not $340. Available in harvest red, cocoa powder, putty or black, these Colin Stuart sandals are made from soft suede and carry a much more reasonable price tag of $59. Click any image for details!

UPDATE: Blogger Anusha just dropped a comment with the following find from Steve Madden. I think it's a much better match and the price is better, too! The "Vivaci" wedge sandal is available in white, black, gold or coral for $49.95. Thanks, Anusha!!

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

Off the Rack: I Heart Ronson by Charlotte Ronson for JCPenney

Left: I Heart Ronson Chiffon Top, Approx. $21 (not available online). Right: I Heart Ronson Ruffle Dress, Original $44.00; Now $29.99

Recently I checked out the new-ish I Heart Ronson by Charlotte Ronson collection at JCPenney, and I thought it was really cute! Everything was 30% off at the time, with sale prices ranging from $9.99 to $29.99. Very affordable. The quality is on par with Target or Old Navy, perhaps a smidgen better, and the designs have a lot of potential. I think this collection has pieces that would be suitable for women of all ages, but if I had a teenage daughter, I'd want her to wear this stuff rather than Fabulosity or Abbey Dawn. Make sense? For more prices and details on what's available online, check out the widget below.

Left: I Heart Ronson Cardigan Sweater, Original $36.00; Now $24.99. Right: I Heart Ronson Shirtdress, Approx. $21 (not available online)

Left: I Heart Ronson Stripe Tee Shirt Dress, Original $36.00; Now $24.99. Right: I Heart Ronson Denim Skinny Jean, Original $44.00; Now $29.99. Denim Vest, Original $36.00; Now $24.99

Left: I Heart Ronson Dress, Original $58.00; Now $39.99. Loved the long skirt, since so many "dresses" these days are more like shirts. Right: What I wore while shopping (snuck that right past ya!)