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Topshop SOHO Grand Opening Video: The Queue

So when I caught wind that Kate Moss would be doing the ribbon cutting at today's Topshop grand opening, my excitement bubbled over and I decided I absolutely had to go. After training it into the city, I arrived at the corner of Broadway and Broome in New York's SOHO neighborhood just minutes before the doors opened, and the line was already doing a 360 loop around the block. I stayed near the entrance to hear the count down, which ended with a burst of confetti in the air, people cheering and the doors opening. Then I made my way to the end of the line—no VIP treatment here, oh no! Budget Babe waited over 2 hours like a real champ with the rest of the droves of cheap-n-chic lovers, eager to get our hands on some of the UK's hottest fashion exports.

And ya know what? The weather was gorgeous, the crowd was fabulous, the treats were yummy (Topshop staff handed out water and cookies) AND I friggin saw Kate Moss for one brief, exquisite moment as she exited the back door of the building, ducked into a car and was whisked away. Woohoo! I felt like Ahab spotting the white whale or something, except I didn't have a harpoon full of malice, just a heart full of love for the supermodel extraordinaire (what girl doesn't adore the infallible Kate?). So yeah, definitely worth it, the wait was half the experience.

I'll post my review of the store itself tomorrow and show you what I bought, but for now, check out this video I took as I walked to the end of the line. Kinda cool to see what everyone was wearing. There was also a non-Topshop related DKNY fashion shoot on Crosby St., which was cool to see (New York's crawling with models.) Anyone else make it to the store today?

Spring's Best Floral Tops Under $50

Vibrant floral prints were in full bloom on the Spring 2009 runways of such designers as Diane Von Furstenberg and John Galliano. Ok, so maybe taking this trend from the catwalk to the sidewalk isn't "essential" but you must admit it's tempting. And it's definitely easy to do on a budget, just hit up stores like Forever 21 or Old Navy if you think you'll only wear this trend once or twice. Or, check out Newport-News for those over-the-top upholstery fabric florals that they carry year-round—you know what I'm talking about—just please do not wear them like their models do. (These will require an advanced stylistas touch to look current and chic.) Same goes for Nicole Miller's bold printed tops for JCPenney, some of which look really good in person. (Tell people it's Tibi or Milly or Shoshanna, they won't know the difference.) I have three floral tops that I usually just wear with jeans, nothing too crazy, and I can't wait to pluck some more from my favorites stores. How about you?

Ask BB: What to Wear with Royal Blue Boots

So boot season seems to be leaving us, but a devoted boot shopper like myself loves the transition stores are making from boots to sandals because this is the best time to get great deals on some boots! My dilemma is that I just bought a fabulous pair of royal blue boots and I don't know what to pair them with? —Amy

End-of-the-season sales offer shoppers the opportunity to try new looks. While your blue boots sound beautiful, I can see how this bold color might be tough to work into your wardrobe. I've taken a stab at creating three outfit examples using Polyvore and items from—click any image to learn more about the products featured in each set.

Dressing Around: Blue Boots
Dressing Around: Blue Boots by The Budget Babe on

Look 1: Blue boots add color and style to any simple outfit consisting of neutrals like black, gray, and white. Add a blue scarf to tie it all together. Easy peasy!

Dressing Around: Blue Boots, Part 2
Dressing Around: Blue Boots, Part 2 by The Budget Babe on

Look 3: Royal blue and yellow are a color match made in heaven (or at least I seem to think so!). Try warm brown leather accessories to make it all mesh.

Dressing Around: Blue Boots
Dressing Around: Blue Boots by The Budget Babe on

Look 2: Royal blue looks artsy and eccentric paired with various shades of green or red. Add a pop of color with a handbag or trench, then leave the rest of your look simple.

Dear readers: How would you build an outfit around blue boots? If you use Polyvore, I'd love to see what you come up with. Drop links in the comments.