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Four Cage Heels: Would You Wear One?

From the runways of Paris to the pages of Vogue, cage heels are said to be the must-have shoe for spring. You may recognize #1 as the Yves Saint Laurent original, a stunning piece of wearable modern art that features latticework grids of leather with metal-mesh heels. Designer-inspired looks are cropping up everywhere, but the only pair I might conceivably wear is #4 by Jeffrey Cambell, which looks pretty comfy with that chunky heel. How about you, is there a pair of cage heels with your name on it?

[1] YSL Cage Heels, Photo credit:
[2] Cage Peep Toe Heel, also available in green or white/black lattice, $39.90 at
[3] Ashton Cage Heel, also available in bronze or silver, $79.95 at
[4] Jeffrey Campbell Cage Heel, $198 at

Hot Topic: Should The First Lady Have A Full-Time Makeup Artist?

Michelle Obama wore high-end and mid-priced fashions, like this beautiful J. Crew cardigan and skirt, during her recent trip to Europe. (Photo credit: Huffington Post)

The whole world is scrutinizing First Lady Michelle Obama's sense of style, and now that scrutiny extends to her beauty regimen. New York Post reports that Michelle Obama is the nation's first First Lady to add a full-time makeup artist to her traveling entourage, according to stylist who have worked with presidential wives over the past 16 years. [Source]

The Post article goes on to say that makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles, 49, helped Obama look her very best during her inaugural trip to Europe last week (and you must admit she looked pretty amazing!).

Though the Obamas are supposedly paying for the makeup artist services themselves, some people are saying it's a little excessive. Honestly, I just assumed all first ladies always had access to professional makeup-artists, if not 24/7 then at least for all public appearances and special events. How else would they look that good? When you're being photographed from every angle, meeting with foreign dignitaries and living in a time of hi-res digital images that can be instantly disseminated via the internet to millions of people in a matter of seconds, a makeup artist seems like a necessary "tool" for the job, not a luxury. If it helps her get ready quicker and feel more confident so she can get on with her work, then I think it's fine.

What do you think?