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Ask BB: How to Wear a Floral Headband

I love the flowery headpieces that are currently just about everywhere in stores. I purchased a few and now have no idea what to wear with them. What are the best types of pieces of clothing to wear when donning one of these types of bold hair accessories? —A

Floral headbands are among some of the most popular hair accessories out there, and you can pick up affordable versions everywhere from Forever 21 to I think the sky's the limit as far as how you choose to wear one, but here are some visuals I put together to help you incorporate these fun, feminine pieces into your wardrobe:

Four Gingham Dresses: Would You Wear One?

If you loved Michael Kors' take on polka-dots for spring 2009, chances are you'll fall head over heels for his take on gingham, too. He used this classic check print on belted dresses with full skirts that were both playful and chic, which inspired me to seek out some affordable gingham frocks for myself. I honestly love all four choices (#3 has an amazing deep v-back detail, and #4 reminds me of L.A.M.B.), but #2 has my heart aflutter (which is not surprising, seeing as how it's from the new Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne collection). Which of these four frocks would make your checklist?

[1] Buffalo Plaid Sundress, Wet Seal, $23.50
[2] Gingham Belted Taffeta Dress,, $189
[3] Plastic Island "Luncheon" Gingham Dress, Dillard's, $169.
[4] Split Neck-Side Tab Dress (also available in blue/white), Wet Seal, $24.50

Hot Topic: Fashion Trends You Can't Stand

I'll be the first to admit: The Budget Babe loves trends, and it's usually a big fashion-trend love fest on this here blog. Trends keep things interesting, after all! But today I'm opening up the discussion to let you vent about the trends you absolutely, positively can not stand to see one more day. Is it jumpsuits? Leggings? Gladiators? Maybe it's skinny jeans or stone washed jeans or ripped jeans? One-shoulder frocks? Floor-length maxis? Super short minis? All of the above? Let's hear it: Which trends do you like the least?

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