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Off the Rack: Spring Bags at Target

Just about every spring handbag trend can be found for less at Target: There are eye-catching croc-print handbags, casual-cool striped beach bags, fun floral totes and neon-lined hobos with a retro '80s flavor, to name just a few.

So what's hot and what's not?
  • Your best bet: A canvas beach bag in a stylish print, like the striped ones above. Perfect for trips to the farmer's market, beach and lunch with friends.
  • What to avoid: Overly trendy snakeskin and ruffle-detail bags that look like plastic (but were trying to look like leather). If you like these trends, try them out in a shoe instead.

Here are some pics I took at my local store. I kinda wish they had some more all-white options that didn't look Not every bag is a hit, but at these prices, you can probably find at least one new bag to add to your summer repertoire. What do you think of this season's Target bags so far?


As Seen On TV: Smooth Away Hair Removal System

This is sort of a teaser post, but I just purchased Smooth Away and I had to share my excitement! Touted as "Europe's leading hair removal product," Smooth Away is a pad covered with superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hair, leaving your skin soft and smooth. When used in conjunction with Smooth Away Hair Inhibitor Moisturizer, which contains a natural botanical that slows hair growth, the Smooth Away system claims to prevent new hair growth for 6 weeks. Sounds pretty amazing, huh?!

I'm not usually a sucker for products sold on TV, but those informercials have been reeeeally tempting and I've been dying to try this product, especially since I hate shaving with a vengence. So when I saw Smooth Away work with my own two eyes at a kiosk at the New York Auto Show (I know, it's the most random place to buy a beauty product, right next to the ShamWows and 20" chrome rims), I whipped out my credit card and dropped $40 on a pack of exfolating pads and a tube of Smooth Away Hair Inhibitor Moisturizer.

The vendor told me I was getting a "great deal," and while I know they'll say anything to make a sale, I figured at least I was saving on shipping and handling costs. This set of pads is supposed to last 2 years, and twice as long if I use the natural hair inhibitor moisturizer—much less than the cost of regular shaving cream and razors. Almost sounds too good to be true!

Anyways, I'm going to test the product soon myself and I will let you know how it goes. Was I totally duped? Or will this stuff be the miracle cure to all my shaving needs? Only time will tell!

In case you've missed the informercials, you can learn more about Smooth Away at or