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Would You Shop Maternity Even If You're Not Expecting?

The other day while shopping at Target, I fell in love with a sharp-looking trench coat with the cutest blue satin lining. It fit well, the price was right, but something made me leave it on the rack—the little tag inside that read "Liz Lange Maternity."

I've purchased clothing for myself in the men's department and even in the children's department of various stores over the years, but I've never crossed the line into the maternity department. But that Liz Lange for Target has been delivering some pretty cute stuff lately, and I've been really tempted to just buy what I like, regardless of the what the tags say!

I also know friends and relatives who admit they shop maternity sometimes simply because the clothes fit better. With limited size options, I think shopping beyond one department of the store totally makes sense.

So how about you, have you or would you shop maternity even when you're not pregnant to save a buck?

Ask BB: How to Wear White Pants

I just bought these white pants from The Limited. [Do you have] any outfit ideas for work and play to go with these pants? —D

White pants are a summer wardrobe essential. They're surprisingly easy to keep clean and they will not make you look bottom heavy so long as you choose the right cut and fit. Be sure to wear flesh-tone undergarments (not white) so nothing shows through, and enough of a heel so the hems don't get dirty (or have them hemmed to the proper length if you'll be wearing them with flats). Unless you work in a very casual work environment, I probably would not wear white pants to the office—maybe on a casual Friday if you feel comfortable. But that's just me!

Now that we got that out of the way...white pants can be styled so many ways! Here are three affordable outfit ideas I put together which incorporate some current trends. Think about how you might put your own stamp on each look.