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Off the Rack: Gap Summer Sale Plus New Fall Classics

Gap at ShopStyle

During a recent trip to my local Gap, I picked up a pair of Havaianas for Gap flip-flops in blue (click the pic above to shop online) on sale for $8.99, and the zipper-front Vena Cava for Gap dress that I've been wanting ever since the lookbook pics were first released on sale for $37.99. Score. Regarding the Havas, I get it. I finally get it! They really are the comfiest flip-flops I've ever worn. And at this price, you can't go wrong. If you can get to a Gap near you, definitely pop in to check out the summer deals and scope out the new transition-to-fall offerings too.

Havaianas for Gap on sale in store for $8.99 reg. $24. (note: They're $11.99 down from $18 at I confirmed, my Target flip-flops are a total knock-off of the Havas, down to the design on the strap and squishy-rubber feel, but whereas my Target flops are already wearing down, the Havas are going strong. It's like a slightly more rigid Memory Foam for your feet!

Finally got this Vena Cava for GAP dress for $37.99 (reg. $88). My nearest Gap store did not carry the CFDA Design Editions collection, so I asked the cashier how this single dress (in my size, no less) ended up on the sale rack and she said some girl bought it in the city, then returned it to my store in CT for whatever reason. Her loss, my gain!

Note the neatly organized and very extensive denim collection for men (women's was behind me and to my left).

The blazer on the right looked really nice, had the striped lining so you could roll the cuffs for that Alice + Olivia-blazer look we all loved on Lauren Conrad so much, but I wish the lapels would lay closer to the body rather than stick out. ($98)

Gotta love the Gap for their casual basics. And if you can't find Gap jeans that fit, you aren't looking!

Product Review: The Instant Button For Jeans

The Budget Babe's resident product-tester-extraordinaire Kiki Bella (an alias) reviews a tiny button with transformative powers. —BB

by Kiki Bella
Have you ever had a button pop off your jeans? The horror! Or have that weird gap between your pants and your lower back? Or your jeans just not fit quite right around the waist? Then I have got the thing for you. It's called the Instant Button™ for Jeans (not limited to pants, shorts, skirts, etc.) and it is fantastic.

When I was first told to review this item I was like, "A button? Lame. But you're the boss lady…" That was before I tried this amazing product and became a believer.

If you, like me, are wondering how on earth a button can save you money, you have got to see this thing. Instant Button for Jeans adjusts your waistline instantly, is removable and is literally the easiest thing to take on and off (without any sewing know-how or danger of hurting yourself).

Product Review: The Instant Button (For Jeans)

All those stretched out waistlines, never-fit-quite-right-jeans, or wait-gained or weight-lost pants (I think this product would just fly off the shelves for pregnant women or new moms) no longer have to be altered, thrown away, donated or sold! Now you can just "alter" your pants in literally five seconds with this easy off and on little button.

It's amazing. My mom wants one, my brother wants one, my therapist wants one (it's that life altering—pun intended).

Get yours online today at for $15.00 for two (they come two in box, which is awesome). Sell one to a friend for $20, (they'll fork over the dough once they see what it does). Oh! And they come in different metallic colors to match your pants. Instant fab.