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My New Leather Jacket from Forever 21

Everyone seems to be looking for an affordable leather jacket this time of year, a perennial "must-have" for fall. Recently I posted about where to find a genuine leather jacket under $200, and today I've rounded up some faux-leather options that are surprisingly just as good.

Although I hadn't planned on buying one this season (I thought my look was getting progressively less edgy, but then realized even I could incoporate this style into my wardrobe), a little over a week ago I picked up a faux-leather biker jacket at Forever 21 for just $39.50—and I love it! I've only had the chance to wear it once so far. I've been vacationing in Quebec, Canada, (posting from various internet hot spots) but the weather's been gorgeous and way too warm.

Anyways, manufacturers have made a lot of progress in the way this pleather stuff moves, bends and feels. It's a modern marvel, I tell ya. I suspect this won't be the last leather jacket post of the season as stores continue to roll out fall merchandise. If you've had luck in this department, too, share where you bought yours in the comments.