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Ask BB: Thoughts on Pierced Ears and Style

First Lady Michelle Obama often incorporates classic pearl studs into her wardrobe for day, while opting for opulent statement earrings for evening.

I've been considering piercing my ears for a while, but I'm worried that I'll be allergic/get an infection/etc. I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on how much earrings contribute to an outfit or someone's style. For example, I notice that with many of my fashion idols, like say Alexa Chung or the Olsen twins, or models in photoshoots, they usually don't wear earrings. Is there a particular reason for this, or a general rule as to when/how one should wear earrings? —Connie

Wow, what a great question. I could easily write a book on this topic! Well, not really, but my point is that this is a very thought-provoking question. The simplest answer I can give is that one's approach to wearing certain types of jewelry, such as earrings, may historically have depended on many social and cultural factors, but today's woman can choose to do whatever she wants. No rules.

Off the Rack: Rodarte for Target

Rodarte for Target

This weekend I finally got to see the Rodarte for Target collection, which launched with much fanfare at the end of December.

Many of you felt underwhelmed by the collection and questioned the underwear-as-outerwear theme that ran throughout.

I nonetheless approached the collection with an open mind and a fashion martyr's devotion. Here's how it went:

Rodarte for Target

Highlights included an assortment of tulle skirts, a lace screened tee, and a kimono floral-print raincoat. Chic and affordable.

Pieces I had expected to love, like the crepe lace slip dress ($39.99), too closely resembled lingerie and suffered from major static cling. Pass.

Rodarte for Target

Other pieces which I had expected to hate were surprisingly fabulous in person, like this leopard print lace dress ($44.99). In fact, it's the one piece I splurged on. I will probably wear it with opaque tights and flat boots during Fashion Week (er, if I get invited).

Rodarte for Target

Model types like Erin Wasson could make this sequin leopard print dress ($44.99) work, but I could never go out in public in this.

Rodarte for Target

Good concept, poorly executed.

Overall, I think the Rodarte collection was geared more towards the Tavis of the fashion world. (See the pintsize blogger looking absolutely brilliant in her Rodarte for Target dress here.) But I'm happy with my purchase, too. Let's just hope I can sit down in it…