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The Look for Less: Christian Louboutin Petal Heels

These ethereal Christian Louboutin Petal Heels originally sold for $995 at, but are currently sold out.

Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

Ann Taylor's Camille Bloom Sandals, available in pink or black, are probably the best looks for less I've seen, although they will still cost you $158.

Feeling crafty? A couple bloggers have created their own DIY versions of the Christian Louboutin Petal heels, check out this fab DIY on Style Obsession, and here's an amazing step by step tutorial from …love Maegan. Budget babe-alicious.

Product Review: Footzyrolls Rollable Shoe

Product Review: Footzyrolls Rollable Shoe

I'm often asked to review new products and most of the time, I pass on these opportunities because honestly, there are a lot of really bad concepts out there, and regardless of your budget, why waste money on junk, right? But Footzyrolls are different (sort of): They don't work for me and my lifestyle because I am past the point of wearing impossibly painful shoes, BUT they may very well be a godsend to those of you who rock those 5-inch heels at a party or club, but need something you can slip into for the cab ride or walk home. And for those occasions, ladies, I present to you Footzyrolls Rollable Shoes! Here's what their website says:

"Completely rollable and foldable, Fits in the smallest bag, Water proof and Skid proof Sole, Carry as your spare pair, Great for travel, Great to wear in the office, Great to wear outside! Upper is made from a PU that you can easily clean. You will never want to go out without them! Unroll into Comfort"

As you can see from my photos above, these shoes take up very little space and are flat enough to fit in a big clutch. They're cute and comfy and have a fun red sole. I doubt you could walk long distances in them, and they won't offer much protection from snow, rain, mud, etc. but they're better than going barefoot on grimy city streets when your feet are bleeding! (We've all been there before…right?)

I'm not loving the $25 pricetag (you could just as easily buy a cheap pair of ballet flats from Walmart for $10 and shove those in your purse) but I actually saw these at a Leila Rowe boutique in NYC on sale half-off, so you might be able to pick up a pair for less. Plus, the $25 includes a bag for your heels and a little pouch for your Footzyrolls (although not really necessary since the point is to travel as light as possible).

Would I buy these had I not been sent a free pair? No, but that's because I have no need for rollable shoes. Might you enjoy them? Yes, if you often find yourself on the go and in need of some "just in case" shoes.

**UPDATE** At Laila Rowe, Footzyrolls are currently 25% off. They were ticketed at $34 and are now selling for $25.50.

Adventures in Online Shopping: DownEast

Remember last month when I blogged about the half-off-clearance sale going on at Well I took that opportunity to place my first order from the site, which carries a small but chic selection of affordable fashions for women, girls and men. I had worked with DownEast Basics once before to bring you this giveaway, but I had never actually shopped with them myself. Keep reading to see what I bought (anonymously and with my own money), and to find out how I think this site ranks overall!

Black Leather Hype Bag at T.J. Maxx: Should I Get It?

The bag in question...

During my trip to T.J. Maxx yesterday, I fell in love with this black leather bag by Hype, on sale for $99. It was the perfect size, nice lining, lots of pockets, and "fit" just right on my shoulder. Since most Hype bags sell for $200 to $300 or more, I think it's a good deal but I rarely spend over $40 for a bag. The closet comp I found online was this Hype Janice bag in brown leather for $177 at So I need a second (or third or fourth) opinion: Should I get it? Does anyone own a Hype bag? Are they worth the price? Help!

Another random photo from my trip: I saw a lot of studded bags at Fashion Week, so this bag by Nicole Lee caught my eye. Not bad for $29.99. It looked like real leather and the studding didn't look cheap. Going to keep my eye on this new-to-me brand.

Liberty of London for Target in People StyleWatch

Photo credit: People StyleWatch, March 2010. Still Lifes by Anthony Verde

In the March 2010 issue, People StyleWatch features highlights from the upcoming Liberty of London for Target collection, which reaches Target stores March 14th. The British brand is bringing its signature floral prints to an affordable fashion collection as well as stationary, bedding and kitchen items. Shown here, we have rubber rain boots ($29.99), an oversize cotton shirt ($24.99), crepe ruffled top ($19.99) and cotton sateen tote ($19.99). Pure eye-candy! But one theory that's been tossed around the blogosphere is that these designer collabs are just there to make the regular collections (Xhilaration, Mossimo, etc.) seem cheap in comparison, thereby encouraging shoppers to make more purchases. I think there's definitely some truth to that. Target lures me in with these collabs each and every time—but I don't always take the bait and buy. Close-ups after the jump…

Photo credit: People StyleWatch, March 2010. Still Lifes by Anthony Verde

Photo credit: People StyleWatch, March 2010. Still Lifes by Anthony Verde