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Scan and Save: Google Shopper for Android Phones

Without a doubt, the latest tool that's helping fashionistas shop smart and save is the smartphone (ie., iPhone, Blackberry, Android—any mobile phone with advanced capabilities like internet access). By now I'm sure many of you use mobile coupons and some of you are possibly even using Google Shopper for Android phones. By simply pointing the camera of any Android device toward a product or barcode—or by just speaking your request, the application can find reviews, pricing, availability online or at other stores, and more. Here's a quick video on how it works, and below is some more information on features:

Ask BB: Where to Buy A Stylish White Dress for Graduation

from left: Chiffon Dress, $159; Shantung Dress, $135; Chiffon Halter, $135

I am graduating this spring from a nice private school, and we are asked to wear completely white (not ivory or off-white) dresses. I figured I would ask now since spring is here and there may be more white dresses than if I asked later near the summer. It should be a formal dress, not cotton or any other lightweight fabrics. I don't want to spend more than $100 on it too. I feel like I've looked everywhere but I was hoping you could have more luck than me. —Amanda

Try David's Bridal. Prices start at $99 for all-white graduation dresses and you can get free shipping until May 31 with code GOGRADS. Honestly, I spent days scouring the internet trying to find classy white dresses that were reasonably priced and David's Bridal was a surprise hit. They have a great selection of tasteful styles ranging from J. Crew-esque classics to frocks with more of a BCBG designer-inspired vibe. You'll look polished, chic and proud to be around friends and family alike on your big day. The future looks bright!