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Spot the Steal: Leopard Print Skirts

Spot the Steal: Leopard Print Skirts

Rihanna recently rocked a Dolce & Gabbana dress in a bold two-tone leopard print that purrs in brown on top and growls in red on the bottom. For most of us mere fashion mortals, a chic leopard print skirt is probably enough for one outfit. See if you can guess which of the four shown above is a steal at just $30, and which ones cost upwards of $200.

Ask BB: Boyfriend Blazers for Petite Curvy Girls

I've been seeing "boyfriend" blazers everywhere lately. I think they are the perfect thing to wear with jeans to dress them a little. I've tried on a few, and none seem to fit just right. I'm on the petite side (5'2"), but a little hippier and bustier. Any tips on where to find one on a budget? Also, I'm struggling as to what to wear underneath. There are only so many times you can wear a t-shirt, right? —Kim

To find the right fit, try shopping petite options from stores like LOFT, Nordstrom and Macy's. Petite styles are cut to suit your height and proportions, so you'll be more likely to find the right blazer for you.

Some options online…

For style inspiration, take a cue from Kim Kardashian: She's petite, curvy and knows how to rock a boyfriend blazer! Opt for single-breasted styles that you can leave unbuttoned (looks better that way anyways). Heels will add height and help balance the exaggerated proportions of the blazer, but as you can see, Kim rocks her BF blazer with flats and flare-leg jeans that give her that long leg line.

Need more ideas? Here are 6 fresh ways to wear a boyfriend blazer this summer:

1. With a printed summer dress and oxfords 2. Sexy cocktail dress and heels 3. Cut off shorts and a tee

4. Leather look pants and heels 5. Shorts and strappy sandals 6. Sequin mini and pumps

How do you wear your boyfriend blazer? Any tips for finding the best blazers for petite figures? Do tell!