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L.L.Bean Siganture Fall 2010 Collection Preview

On July 28th, I attended an online webinar to preview the L.L.Bean Signature Fall 2010 Collection Preview. "Style" might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of L.L.Bean's rugged New England-inspired clothing, but let me assure you, their new Signature collection exudes style. I credit this with the fact that most of the pieces are pulled straight from the L.L.Bean archives, on occasion with an updated fit, color or cut. The result is classic American sportswear with a slightly preppy, retro feel that's perfect for the urban dweller who appreciates the great outdoors and embraces the past with nostalgia.

This isn't a dumbed down, cheaper line, rather these are quality pieces made with the same L.L.Bean guarantee of great fabrics and solid workmanship, pieces you'll want to hold on to for seasons to come. Prices will range anywhere from $20-$30 for basics all the way up to $500 for an Italian wool coat, and will be available for purchase at at the end of summer.

I can not tell you how happy I am to see old-school pieces brought back intact; they were perfect the first time around and look totally current and cool today. I'm a sucker for the nautical prints, tartan plaid, vintage accessories, menswear-inspired tailoring and silly duck boots. This season I'm definitely getting a pair! Besides, I live in New England now so I better dress the part, right? Click through to see the complete Fall preview plus a sneak peek at the Winter 2010 collection, too!