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Off the Rack: LPLP Linea Pelle for Target

Earlier today I checked out the LPLP Linea Pelle for Target collection, a cheap-chic line of handbags, belts and bracelets by designer leathergoods brand Linea Pelle. I really wanted to like this line but overall I was disappointed. I hate to say something looks cheap - if you happen to like the collection, I don't want to offend - but Target didn't do a very good job with this line in my opinion. The hobos that I expressed an earlier interest in were featherlight - mind you, I don't need an excessively heavy handbag, but it's got to have some weight so you can balance it properly on your shoulder. That weight also gives a bag its luxe, genuine-leather look and feel, which was so clearly missing from these plastic purses. The bracelets were cool but pricey ($9.99 for two) as were the smaller wristlets and cross-body bag. If you want a fun, cheap purse for spring, you're better off just going with one of the less expensive bags from Mossimo or Merona and calling it a day. I'll post some of my favorites from those brands later.

Have you seen the LPLP Linea Collection in person? What did you think?

Ask BB: Where to Find A Purple One Shoulder Dress

How hard is it to find a purple one shoulder dress?! heeellllppp!!! —@BrittJ2003

Please allow me to assist. Here's a great one-shoulder dress from The Limited, $108:

Here's another original option from, $57 (down from $98): is always a great place to find cheap dresses, and they have a few one-shoulder purple options to choose from. I'm partial to this romantic look, $35:

If you can help @BrittJ2003 out, please share your finds in the comments.