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Mossimo for Target Fall 2011 Lookbook

Although many of us are still upset with Tar-jay for the Missoni snafu (see Missonipocalyse: Target's Epic Fail), let's try to put those feelings aside for a moment and take a gander at the Mossimo Fall 2011 lookbook. On my last trip into the store I noticed that some shoppers were actually confusing the two brands ("There's still plenty of Mossimo left!" "No, that's Mossimo, we're looking for Missoni.") But I digress. The fall 2011 Mossimo for Target collection features rich tones, such as dark berry, olives and deep blues, which are accented with soft florals and classic stripes. Draped necklines, peasant tops and flare pants make their way back into wardrobes this fall. Click through to see all the looks, which I'm inclined to say are more wearable than a lot of the Missoni pieces anyways. Mouse over any image for details on pricing and availability.

Beauty Review: Foot Petals Shoe Inserts

Back in 2007, my sister Chantal discovered Foot Petals shoe inserts and loved them so much, she wrote a review for my then fledgling blog (here). She was really impressed with the product design, functionality and price, so why is it that I had never tried these out myself until just this past week? Beats me! Keep reading for my review (hint: I should have listened to my little sis looong ago!)