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Carlos Miele Fall 2012 Runway Show

One of my favorite shows each season is Brazilian designer Carlos Miele. He has a strong point of view, loves colors and loves dressing women. Sometimes shows begin to blend together because you see a lot of similar silhouettes and colors, but not so with Carlos Miele. You can't mistake his bold patterns, sexy evening gowns and unique details.

For fall 2012, the designer took inspiration from the culture of Southern Brazil, and in particular, the traditional gaúchas, which loosely translates to cowgirls. This inspiration was clear from the very first look - sand crepe pants, taupe wool poncho and an authentic black gaúcha hat. Other traditional elements were interwoven throughout, like geometric embroidery, cool leather sashes and the classic bolero.

The eveningwear references weren't quite so literal - the patterns and colors were vivid and, to me, reflected the confidence and free-spirited nature of the gaúcha. You could picture many of these looks at the Grammys. Set to the thumping sound of Latin beats, it was an energizing show all around and one of Miele's best. What do you think?