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Pinter-Test: Can This Pantry Staple Give You All Day Shine-Free Skin?

Add cornstarch to makeup for shine-free skin.

Each week, we put a different claim found on Pinterest to the test (hence, Pinter-test! Get it?!)

I, like a lot of other people, struggle with oily skin throughout the day. Nothing makes me feel as self conscious as an oily t-zone by noon. I've tried every "oil-control" foundation out there, blotting sheets and mattifying powder. While they help (some more than others), nothing has left me 100% satisfied.

While Pinteresting, I came across this tip saying just a little cornstarch could do the trick. Supposedly, mixing cornstarch with my powder foundation would create a matte, shine-free finish with long lasting results. I was so excited to try this, and even more excited when a whole box of cornstarch cost me only $1.00!

Free Goody Hair Elastics When You Buy U by Kotex at Target

Twisted Pony Tutorial
(click image to view larger)

There are two things a girl should be: Classy and fabulous. And there are two things a girl should never run out of: Tampons and hair ties! Am I right!? These two essentials are something I always have on hand and carry in my purse no matter what. And now, U by Kotex is running a special promo so you'll never run out either.

The deal? Get FREE Goody hair elastics when you buy U by Kotex at Target. (You know, the tampons/pads in the little black box.)

Text KOTEX to TARGET (827438) to get your coupon.

Join the conversation with hashtags #UbyKgoody and #UbyKotex

Get the look presented by U by Kotex: Twisted Pony How-To
  1. TEASE hair at the crown of your head. Spritz a little hair spray for volume and hold.
  2. TWIST a small section of hair along the side of your head from the temple to the back of your ear.
  3. TIE your pony tail using a Goody hair elastic, and you're done!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by U by Kotex and Style Coalition.

BB Exclusive: 25 Percent Off at Luxe No.7 Boutique

Get 25% off your order at with code BUDGETBABE

If I could, I'd buy you all new wardrobes for fall, but since I can't, the next best thing I can do is secure a sweet deal or two and that's what I've done today! The kind team at Luxe No.7 Boutique ( has generously offered BB readers 25% off their orders with code budgetbabe. Hop on over to their website if you haven't been there before - they have a sweet selection of trendy fashions and accessories priced mostly under $100 from brands like Emily & Fin (loove this Sailor Stripes dress), Ark & Co. and Tulle. College sports fans will also want to check out the game day collection for seriously stylish options in your favorite team's colors - not your standard "fan" apparel for sure. This promo code expires in two weeks. Happy shopping!

A few of my favorites: Peplum Top, $49; Crochet Skirt, $39; Mint Jeans, $39
Cobalt Blue Necklace, $32